Madison Railroad Freight Operations

During Madison Railroads 40+ years of operation, we have moved a variety of commodities including plastics, fertilizer, steel, scrap and high wide loads on specialized flat cars. We have the ability to reach global markets with hometown customer service. As a shortline we interchange cars from our railroad to CSX Transportation. Our priority is to take your shipment at your facility on the Madison Railroad to the  CSX at North Vernon. In less than 75 miles CSX will have your shipment at their Cincinnati, Ohio Queensgate Yard. From there your shipment will hit any desired global market. Don't have a facility on our line? No problem, contact us today about handling your logistical needs. We have team tracks, docks, overhead crane and other abilities to get your shipment on rail. Call Casey Goode to learn more at 812-273-4248 or go to our contact page and send her an email.

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