Infrastructure Improvements

Over the last several years Madison Railroad has continued to invest in its infrastructure. The following is a snapshot of projects completed.

2012-2017- Crossing Replacements
Madison Railroad has been able to replace eleven grade crossings, US 50, Dawson Smith Rd., Ripley St., Industrial Dr., Hoosier St., Greensburg St., CR 175E, Paper Mill Rd., CR 150S, CR 500S and Broomsage Rd. in both Jefferson and Jennings counties. The Railroad Grade Crossing Fund grants assisted in covering the costs of several of these replacements. 

2011-2012 – Bridge Replacement and Upgrade of Three Additional Bridges
Madison Railroad replaced two railroad bridges over 200’ in length and 70’ in height. In addition, three additional bridges were rehabilitated. 

2012-2013 – Whitcomb Yard Interchange Tracks, North Vernon, IN
In order to handle increased volumes of rail cars for our customers and the inbound/outbound storage cars, it was essential that the railroad add additional track space and rehabilitate the existing track. Madison Railroad added 5,000’ of new track, in addition to rehabilitating the existing track. Local funds from the North Vernon Redevelopment Commission and Madison Railroad revenues were utilized to finance this project. 

2013 – Rehabilitation of Track from Whitcomb Yards to N. Vernon Industrial Park
This project addressed the rehabilitation of one mile (+/-) of track from Whitcomb Yards to North Vernon Industrial Park (Novolex), which is the former Hilex Poly facility. Project included the installation of ties, ballast crossings, aligning, tamping and dressing the track in order to upgrade to Class II track and handle 286,000# cars. 

2014 – Emergency Repairs to M.P. 24
The railroad completed a temporary repair of M.P. 24 as a result of walking inspection of the trackage. Contractor installed 660 new ties in the curves in order to hold gauge. 

2014-2015 – Replacement of 4.7 Miles of New 115# Rail, Ties, Turnouts and Ballast
The railroad partnered with U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration; Madison Redevelopment Commission; Lawrenceburg Regional Economic Development; Industrial Rail Service Fund; and Madison Railroad revenues in order to complete this long awaited project. The project involved the replacement of 4.7 miles of 70# lightweight rail, with 115# new rail, along with 11,000 new ties, replaced 5 turnouts (switches), added 5,000 NT ballast and raised, tamped and aligned the track. 

2015-2016 – Replacement of 1,000 ties utilizing relay quality ties, and rehabilitation of 7 turnouts
Madison Railroad hired a contractor to install 1,000 relay quality ties. The ties project supports empty storage cars, stored at the former Jefferson Proving Grounds, on tracks owned by Madison Railroad, a Division of City of Madison Port Authority. In addition, 7 turnouts were rehabilitated. The rehabilitation has allowed the railroad to increase our storage capacity by an additional 110 rail cars.

2017 – Mainline Tie Replacement
Madison Railroad also recently completed a 7.65 miles tie replacement project. Over 8,000 ties were installed on the mainline between MP 21.25-MP 24.5, MP 25.2-MP 25.9 and MP 27.8-MP31.5. 

2017 –State Hospital Spur Rehabilitation
The railroad was also able to invest $35,000 by installing 750 ties on one-third of a mile-long spur for future car storage. The storage track has been marketed and cars are already enroute to completely fill the space. 

Infrastructure improvement of our mainline is very important to our customers, the cities we run through and the surrounding communities. Madison Railroad’s commitment is evident by the over $10 million spent to provide a secure, safe rail shipping corridor as the only rail line into Jefferson County and the only railroad to serve customers in Jennings County.